Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who has the power?

I saw the movie "For Colored Girls" this weekend. Let me just start by saying that I am not receiving any money for saying this - no checks from Tyler Perry were sent my way I can assure you (I guess this is the new thing to say now a days...LOL). Now with that said I think this was an awesome movie!
After seeing the movie I just kept thinking that we women have so much more power than we realize! We need to realize the importance of our self worth and never forget it.
As I think back over my life - it is the times when I "forgot" my self worth - forgot who I was that I lost some of my power!
We have the power to make our lives great or to shrink back into ourselves and allow the world to define us! We have the power to step full speed into our greatness - full speed into who we are to be - strong, fierce, awesome, resilient women.
We have the power - what will you do with yours!
Keep spreading those Diva Vybes...


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