Friday, August 13, 2010

Principles of Success

There is a great book called 10 Spiritual Principles of Successful Women by Victoria Lowe.
In the book she lists five keys to success:
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1) Have peace with yourself and your life!
I think this one is so important. How often do we just go through life merely existing but not living. Letting the trials of life consume us. We have to come to a place where we learn to have peace in the midst of the storms.

2)  Commit to excellence
When you make a commitment to do something it means that no matter what comes up - you are determined to finish this task. Now this is one that I have had problems with - often letting circumstances alter my course. We have to determine in our minds that we are going to be successful and then set out to achieve this goal.

3) Operate with a servant's heart
I will quote directly from the book on this one -  "A successful woman serves God's purpose rather than her own vanity, ego or personal agenda."

4) Pay the cost
Sometimes we want the success without the hard work that comes with it. We must be willing to put in the work to receive the rewards!

5) Know which season you are in
Are you trying to "harvest" when you should still be "sowing". We must first plant the seeds in order to reap the harvest.  We also must make sure we are planting seeds that belong in our lives. Sometimes we are living a life we were never destined to live because we are planting the wrong seeds!

"Real success is discovered only after hard work."

Wishing you much success...and sending you those Diva Vybes!